Suzanne Grenager at home in Nova Scotia

If I can do it, so, by God can you!

I’m Suzanne Grenager and I’m honored you are here. I am here because I want us all to wake up, fall in love with ourselves and make the difference we were born and are dying to make.

My deepest desire is to show you that if I can do it, so, by God, can you. I am doing it by showing up naked, on this site and in my book, Bare Naked at the Reality Dance. And I’m pretty sure that after spending a little time here—and, if you like, with the book—you’ll know that you can do it, too, whatever it is for you.

No question waking up is hard to do. Seeing, let alone being, our full-blown, outrageous Self—which is what waking up is all about—takes guts and deep self-compassion. Since we can’t easily see our true nature, it’s hard to love and trust ourselves enough to be ourselves. It’s hugely helpful to have the clearer mirrors of others to show us who we are. That’s what I’m here to do.

Let’s co-create this virtual place as a sacred space where we can inspire ourselves and each other to be altogether as great as we are.

Let free book downloads light you up

I hope you’ll check out “Feet to the Fire with Maha,” one of two whole book sections you can download here. I bet you’ll be as empowered as I was from my show-down with a button-pushing, button-holing life coach. Let Maha galvanize and help shape you up, right along with me, as she correctly accuses me of co-dependence and lack of commitment to my soul work.

The second book section download is called “Courage-building, Cautionary Kripalu.” Come along and see what intense spiritual battle can look like, when I revisit my ego-searing years as a Kripalu Yoga disciple and leader. May you, like me, come out stronger for the experience!

I also want you to take heart for your journey from the Blog page. There, you can read and comment on my from-the-trenches posts about facing fearful feelings, self-care, letting go (a.k.a. surrender), and the life of a new author who is her own harried publisher and marketer.

Listen and learn to love

I’m especially eager for you to hear the short book passages I recorded with you in mind. Listen in to “Sister Seeker,” which describes the co-creative, feminine way I believe the world needs me, and possibly you, too, to be of service now—here on this site, and out in the great wide world.

Last but not least, I’d be honored if you’d visit the Connect page to share your questions and suggestions—about the site, the book, yourself and your dreams. I look forward to your guidance about how we can help each other strip down and fill up with a self-love that is constant. For only then can we step into the greatness we are born for.

That, dear one, is our right and our responsibility—because the world can’t wait for our light!