Her Voice Shines Through

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It is with heavy hearts that we share with you that Suzanne passed away Thursday, May 30, 2024 near her home in Marin County, California. Suzanne died peacefully, with grace, and on her terms. She requested a posthumous post, for which we selected some of her poetry, written over the last couple decades, to share with you. Her voice shines through, strong as ever, and may it stay with you even as her presence is gone.

What does self-love look like anyway?

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A few posts ago, I reported that, when asked by my helpful coach Amanda about a future worth getting well for, I couldn’t picture a life without my beloved Trond. That realization shocked us both, but it didn’t mean I wanted to die; it meant I wasn’t yet ready to live again. Why get well when I couldn’t imagine what a meaningful life would look like?…

Who knew?

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Who knew it would ever be a struggle to get two arms into a simple fleece? Or get up from a chair or pull up my pants? Hard to cut a piece of chicken or hold a cup of coffee? Or safely take a walk? And what about reading the tiny words in the many magazines I’ve had to cancel? Who knew? The Suzanne of even two years ago didn’t know. She hadn’t a clue. She can hardly believe it now. The good news is some of my problems might be correctable, if you don’t mind a little uncertain surgery.…

Uh Oh, It’s Christmas!

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Eleven years ago the life coach I then was offered these words of would-be wisdom for dealing with the mother of all holidays. Have at my words and please share yours via comments.

I woke up the other 2008 late fall morning with that odd mix of anxiety and anticipation I’ve come to expect at this time of year. How can I do it all? Do I even want to? Why can’t it just be over? But strangely, those pesky questions arise alongside a mysterious, barely-contained joy…

A Call for Post-Election Healing from Charles Eisenstein

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My friend, writer and radical thinker Charles Eisenstein has written far and away the most illuminating, helpful piece ever about our terrifying US election. I implore you to read through to the powerful ending. Please digest, share and weigh in, so that the deep and difficult healing conversation he points to can begin. Can't wait to reconnect with you and see where it takes us! We are indeed stronger together.

The Election: Of Hate, Grief, and a New Story, By Charles Eisenstein

Normal is coming unhinged. For the last eight years it has been possible for most people (at least in the relatively privileged classes) to believe that society is sound, that the system, though creaky, basically works, and that the progressive deterioration of everything from ecology to economy is a temporary deviation from the evolutionary imperative of progress.

A Clinton Presidency would have offered…

Start Where You Are and Follow Your Heartbreak

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A fresh year. A clean slate. Two rousing reminders—Start where you are and, still more arrestingly, Follow your Heartbreak. With that, I may have emerged from the fertile, if often disquieting void and set one foot on an encouraging new path of service. We shall see.

Start where you are? Follow your heartbreak? Why did those particular calls to action, one simple, one pretty darned strange, get my full attention the other day, resonating deep into my soul like nothing else lately has. And why should they perhaps resonate deep into yours? To answer, I will back up.

“Start where you are” and “Follow your heartbreak” were phrases given to me during a recent group phone conversation called The Gathering, offered by The True Purpose Institute. Start where you are is the title of a book by the Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron, with whom I am familiar. The plea to follow your heartbreak originated, I think, with Andrew Harvey, a spiritual teacher whose long ago book Hidden Journey had a transformative effect on my spiritual growth. But I heeded the call of those resonant phrases only last Wednesday, from a man I’d never heard of…

The Cautionary Tale of Mother Teresa

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We cannot give what we do not have. Many of you agree. But your illuminating comments showed me it’s also true that we cannot have what we do not give. Yep, and I’ll explain that too.

First though, It’s so critical to understand the role self-love plays in devotional service I have to say more before exploring the flip side. As some of you wise sister travelers suggest—and as I watched coaching clients learn—trying to love and provide for others without loving ourselves first and last simply doesn’t work. We really, really cannot give what we do not have. Why?…

Radical self-acceptance—are you ready?

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How do we get so friggin’ happy that we can enjoy the gifts of an abundant life, with joy to spare and share? That’s my question. Last post I decided happiness ain’t happening till we’re happy with ourselves. We aren’t talking narcissism or self-indulgence here. We’re talking about learning to accept, nurture and love—really love—our singular selves in a way we rarely dare do.

So let’s talk about it!…

Happiness is an Inside Job

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Happiness is the new black. The topic is showing up everywhere, from NPR interviews to the latest AARP magazine cover story. What makes us happy and why? It’s the question du jour. So how about we get to the bottom of all this happiness talk—and get in on being happier too!

I know, I know. We would-be-enlightened ones aren’t supposed to be so interested in happiness; equanimity is the thing and, on a rare day, as I point out in my book, there’s bliss. There’s also the question of what we mean by happiness…

Seeing the light again, thanks to you

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Time flies when we’re having fun, and sometimes when we aren’t. So here goes another post. And hey, after my share of dark days (inside and out), you might be glad to hear that sun and fun are coming around again, and—if I may stay with the clichés—a spot of light beckons from the end of the tunnel. What’s changed? Why do I wake up recent mornings with a budding sense of joy instead of the dread that’s been my wont of late? Do such sudden turnabouts happen to you?…

Over the moon and under the porch—it’s B Day

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Holy Moly, me-oh-my-oh! I am doing my little happy dance all by myself. My long-awaited B Day is here. (No, I don’t mean my birthday, though it feels like it and then some.) This B is for my bare-naked book. Bare Naked at the Reality Dance, the book I’ve dreamed of and labored over for seven years is now in my hot little hands and up for order on Amazon. And last night, this website, so gorgeously designed by Shannon Bodie who also designed the book, went live for all the world to see. I can hardly stand it I’m so excited and, also, friggin’ frightened to death.…

Practice what you preach, Suzanne

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Here’s a sorry, ironic truth about the summer of 2011 for a couple of quirky, well-intentioned Central Pennsylvanians: Trond and I have worked ourselves into a pair of royal swivets publishing a book about the critical importance of people becoming calm and collected enough to make a significant difference in the world. I am not a little ashamed of myself that it has come to this.

I’m sure there’s a lesson here.…

Hold the spinach, bring on the tears

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I am blessed beyond words, crazy blessed—always have been—and I am having a really hard time right now. A few days ago a monster storm knocked down a lot of our trees, gouging lawn and just-mulched garden. There’s a huge dent in my new car—again. Matters too personal to share prompted a big cry yesterday. Publishing challenges persist, this morning’s being an email from a well-known author saying she hasn’t time to read (and as I’d hoped, endorse) my book.

But I am not here today to kvetch about the petty details of my mostly great life (maybe another time). I am here because I believe that sharing with you how difficult gratitude can sometimes be for me might help you feel less guilty too.…

Finding my outrageous voice

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Thank you, dear reader, for showing up at my new Monday morning health practice. Granted, it’s not as calorie-burning or heart-strengthening as jogging—blogging. But if I let it, this start-of-the-week writing ritual will connect me with myself, and with you, at the level of heart. These words I write can strengthen that beautiful blood-red muscle at the core of both of our beings. And it is the core of ourselves, our deepest values, greatest fears, and most precious desires, that interests me above all else. Who are we? Why the hell are we here? And what are we going to do to make a difference?…

The very bad habit of fearing ourselves

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I am a long time writer about to become a first time author, and while I told you I was worried about starting this blog, it’s as nothing compared with the book. I am scared shitless. But why?

Of course, it might be the familiar fear of not being good enough—in reality (whatever that is), and in the eyes of the world I hope to enter and influence. Now that the book is just weeks away, ye old fear of being seen and judged less than (and boy do I open myself to judgment in Bare Naked at the Reality Dance) is moving front and center. It’s bound to get worse and get to the bottom of me (I mean that—IBS!—literally), unless and until I get to the bottom of it. But I’m not here to make it all about me, so I hope scoping out my fears may also help you face yours.

Is it really the fear of not enoughness that has me by the throat? …

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