What readers are saying about “Bare Naked at the Reality Dance

“Suzanne Grenager writes with candor and grace in this beautiful, inspiring guide to finding the love within you, and using that love to transform your world.

— Jim Dreaver, author of End Your Story, Begin Your Life: Wake Up, Let Go, Live Free and The Way of Harmony

Bare Naked at the Reality Dance is a wise, deeply spiritual companion that invites reflection and is meant to be savored. This life-affirming journey buoys the reader through sharing experiences and feelings so personal and real they speak to us all. Reminiscent of Barry Stevens’ Gestalt classic Don’t Push the River, Suzanne’s is a meatier, more inspirational achievement. She offers us something greater than her own rich ruminations and even than herself—not by giving answers from already enlightened heights like most spiritual books, but by inspiring readers to find their own.”

—Mary Fowke, MA, Gestalt Therapist, Lisbon, Portugal

“What I most appreciate about Suzanne’s work is how completely she’s been able to shift my perspective, opening my awareness to what feels true inside. I hear her voice all the time, gently guiding me to see things as they are, not how my ego might want them to be. That’s a lasting gift, which I urge you to give yourself by reading this book, where her understanding, illumination and support are alive on every page.

—Tom Moon, author of 1000 Recordings to Hear Before You Die

“I wish I’d met Suzanne sooner but things come to us when we are ready. We think of readiness for adversity, but there must be readiness for bliss as well. Bliss is what Suzanne brings to me and the people she touches. It is very easy now for me to be mindful of every experience, receptive and thankful for those around me. It’s as if I am somebody else. Suzanne has been the catalyst and I can’t thank her enough for the bliss of freedom through awareness. If you are ready for bliss, read this book.”

—Claudia Didia, MD, Assistant Professor of Medicine, El Paso, TX

“Bravo! In Bare Naked at the Reality Dance, Suzanne Grenager has dared to share her deepest self. As Margaret Wheatley suggests we must do in her groundbreaking book, Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time, Suzanne is willing to be disturbed and to partner with uncertainty and confusion, on her way to a larger life. Suzanne’s spiritual journey is an inspiration to everyone who wants to give themselves permission to extend their reach and rise to greater heights. As an executive coach and coaching teacher, I was moved and informed by this compelling real-life story of self-exploration and transformation. As a woman with a story of my own, I chuckled and reveled in it right along with her.” 

—Pat Mathews, MA, RN, MCC, President of Mathews Associates, and Program Director of the
 Leadership Coaching Program at Georgetown University

“Wow! Bare Naked at the Reality Dance is absolutely incredible. I love Suzanne’s voice, so full of leadership and life. The personal stories, interwoven with her inspired practical wisdom, are intensely vulnerable, honest and powerful. I kept thinking, Did she write this specifically for me? because she so beautifully describes the way I feel. Many lives will be changed by this amazing woman and her generous offering of herself.”

—Rachel Wilson, Owner of Om My Yoga,
 Senior Trainer for Yoga Fit Training Systems

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