The very bad habit of fearing ourselves

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I am a long time writer about to become a first time author, and while I told you I was worried about starting this blog, it’s as nothing compared with the book. I am scared shitless. But why?

Of course, it might be the familiar fear of not being good enough—in reality (whatever that is), and in the eyes of the world I hope to enter and influence. Now that the book is just weeks away, ye old fear of being seen and judged less than (and boy do I open myself to judgment in Bare Naked at the Reality Dance) is moving front and center. It’s bound to get worse and get to the bottom of me (I mean that—IBS!—literally), unless and until I get to the bottom of it. But I’m not here to make it all about me, so I hope scoping out my fears may also help you face yours.

Is it really the fear of not enoughness that has me by the throat? …