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If you’ve read my writing, you know I’m not much for the “ten steps to enlightenment” approach. What I offer you instead, they tell me (and I’m pretty sure they’re right), is inspiration, through words and by example. Seems to come naturally to me, thank God!

What I love to do is encourage us—help you and me find the will, rather than prescribing precise ways, to get ourselves happy and free. That’s all we need to do here, because once we get fired up at the level of heart, we can do pretty much anything we set our minds to. And we each know better than anyone else what those things are for us. But first there’s our karma to deal with.

Karma is the sum total of the beliefs that stand in the way of our happiness. The reason for doing yoga, meditation and all that good spiritual stuff is to burn the old karma up. If we want to be happy, we must bring to the surface and let ourselves feel the pain of all the negative ideas we hold about ourselves—until they can hold us no more. It can hurt like hell but it’s worth it.

As I’m finding out big-time since publishing my first book, you don’t have to stand on your head or sit straight up for hours with eyes closed (as I’ve done) to burn your karma. You just have to live your life at the edge while keeping your eyes wide open.

Did I say just? The truth is the last three months of hanging out on my own sharp razor’s edge have been excruciating.

But karma is being burned, probably faster than when I did yoga. For it seems that right along with putting Bare Naked at the Reality Dance out for all the world to see, I hung myself out naked as well.

When we dare to do the thing that matters most to us, as I did by publishing my intimate book, we expose ourselves, to ourselves. We get to see where our attachments are and what lies smack in our way. And what we can see, we can deal with, painful as it might be.

So I am here to say: if you want to burn karma and there’s something edgy you’re itching to do, consider making a leap—right into the fire of transformation. And by all means let us know, by leaving a comment below. I am already here at the edge and eager to hold your hand!

About the Author: Suzanne Grenager

A seasoned writer and mentor with a gift for helping people see and be their most authentic, empowered Self.


  1. Vicki Fox April 15, 2012 at 1:58 pm - Reply

    Great words of inspiration… and so true.  As you and the many other women at last week’s Women of Intention spoke, NOW is the time for the personal transformation, letting go of fear and taking the first step, then the next, then the next into showing up and doing what we came here to do.  The world needs all of us to do that now.  Thanks, Suzanne, for so publicly baring all to let us know that we are all in this together.

  2. Suzanne Grenager April 16, 2012 at 2:51 pm - Reply

    Bless and thank you, dear Vicki, for creating the forum for me to “bare all” in service to your wonderful Women of Intention. It was a great and inspiring honor to sit in their midst as – together – we shared and embraced our fears, our dreams and the love we essentially are. 

  3. Maurie April 16, 2012 at 8:08 pm - Reply

    Nothing like being toe to toe with life, taking that big step over the edge. I applaud you for doing that!! I appreciate your learning in public as you model dancing with the fire of transformation! Enjoying watching what wants to happen next….

    • Suzanne Grenager April 18, 2012 at 4:44 pm - Reply

      Hey, Maurie. It’s me, even though my *image* seems to have disappeared. I am honored to  model the fiery transformational dance for you and deeply appreciate your support for my learning how to do it “in public.” Though it may be a little harder for me, I’ll try to enjoy watching what wants to happen next right along with you. Thank you for showing up as publicly as you do, here and elsewhere!

  4. Dagmar Hempele April 17, 2012 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    Hi Suzanne  I’ve just started reading Bare Naked and something you said on page 7 has already totally resonated for me- about needing to be in pain to transform your life- I have been in physical pain for the past 6 weeks, unable to work and now see more clearly that this injury is my springboard to a more authentic life and reality. let the healing begin!!  Blessed Be

    • Suzanne Grenager April 18, 2012 at 4:54 pm - Reply

      Dagmar! So great to hear from you so soon! Wow, and what a realization you made. I am impressed, though so sorry about your extended and, I gather, extreme discomfort. To clarify about the relationship between pain and transformation, I didn’t mean to imply that we have to be in pain to grow. What I meant to convey is that if we are in pain, it is important to be willing to be with and learn from it, since it is always there for a reason. And to the extent that we let ourselves feel and understand it, we are transformed, as much by our surrender to what IS as by what the pain might teach us — whether it’s about our need to slow down, pay attention, or as in your case, lead a more authentic life. Pain is but one tool for transformation but since we live in bodies that are subject to pain, it’s a good one.

      • Dagmar April 20, 2012 at 2:13 pm - Reply

        Great to hear from you Suzanne!! I’m taking all positive feedback into my heart- our true place of healing. Want to give a shout out about the Shift Network and a free Teleseminar with Barbara Marx Hubbard and her sister on April 23 at 8:30pm EST. Its about living from your Essence not Ego- all info is posted at Shift and you have to register for it.  Attraversiamo!!

  5. Donnafleetwood April 17, 2012 at 7:23 pm - Reply

    Love that razor’s edge! I’m burning my karma right now for sure

    • Suzanne Grenager April 18, 2012 at 4:57 pm - Reply

      Yeah, I KNOW you are, girlfriend, in at least one way I can think of. I love you for loving that razor’s edge.  Your poetry speaks of it, too. I am so grateful you showed up here to share and send my most heartfelt wishes that your current karmic fire burns fast.

  6. Rachel April 17, 2012 at 7:24 pm - Reply

    Your words speak loud & so clearly to any of us, teens through grandmothers, about the need to do and BE exactly what is meant for us.  I look forward to continuing the path of becoming even more me through the days, weeks, months, and years ahead – hand in hand with the people who are put in my path to encourage and support me on that that road.  I’m also so excited for opportunities to be a living example to others of how to GET OUT OF OUR OWN WAY and let our “amazingness” lead the way!
    Thanks so much for your continued wisdom and willingness to share.  
    YOU ROCK< Suzanne!

    • Suzanne Grenager April 18, 2012 at 11:25 pm - Reply

      Wow, Rachel. What a powerful and passionate post! I am thrilled that you are so committed to serving to others through the example of your own life. Your amazingness is already leading the way. It is a privilege to keep sharing our common wisdom with the likes of you! Let us ROCK right on together, sister!

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