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Note: In my last post, “Giving the universe space, part one,” I described the miracles that can only happen when we get out of the way by letting go of pesky people and/or activities we have outgrown and thus no longer serve us. I gave a dramatic example from my yoga teaching days. Then I cut to the recent past, where I’d just fired the second person I’d hired to help me develop an online presence in advance of my book publication. Difficult as they’d both been for me to work with, one right after the other and for different reasons, I was feeling helpless and scared without them. But not for long. The morning after letting the last person go, I followed my gut and took a wild leap into the arms of a seemingly improbable choice for a website/online presence developer, my book designer, Shannon Bodie. Here’s what happened next: 

Well, thank God, Goddesses and all the forces of the universe that support me even when I don’t remember to believe in them. For it turns out this summer-into-fall is the time when—after 15 years of pining to do it—Shannon Bodie has decided to take a risk of her own. She’s about to transition from book designing alone to helping authors whose books she designs do exactly what I’m looking to do: create an authentic, compelling online presence, starting with a website precisely tailored to authors and their particular books. And Shannon has programmed time into her busy schedule to start learning whatever skills she doesn’t yet have for doing that like a pro.

Before our phone call was over, Shannon asked if I’d like to work with her one-on-one as a lab partner and guinea pig, so she can see through an author’s eyes what’s needed to do her long-anticipated dream job really, really well. Would I be willing to have my brain picked as she delves into the virtual world of blogging, author web design, social media marketing and the many other elements I was scared to death I wouldn’t be able to find great help getting done?

Would I ever! And what were the odds? Turns out Shannon is chomping at the bit to do the very research and online presence development work I need to have done—and on my behalf—because it’s what she needs to do to help her transition to her new full-service role for independent authors. How fortuitous—how miraculous—to have run smack into someone as knowledgeable and enthusiastic as she is, to hold my hand and walk me gracefully through what had felt like a terrifying unknown minefield.  Thanks to Shannon, and to my own willingness to let go of two people at the risk of offending them—and yes, to know when to ask for help—I won’t be losing any more sleep about birthing my book. It feels like a miracle!

My recently irritable bowel apparently agrees. After yesterday’s call, where Shannon and I began laying out the bare bones of what I now finally trust will be a stunning and inspirational website for me and my book, I’ve had the calmest tummy I’ve enjoyed for a good six weeks. Although I haven’t been to see Batbayar the acupuncturist lately, I’m sure he’d be proud.

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