The trainings, north of frigid Toronto, were rigorous, unexpectedly petrifying and, like Kripalu, finally empowering. It’s not why I thought I went. But more than learning Ilana’s wonderful work, I used the experience to learn to stand up for and be my most powerful self.

I was afraid of commanding women like Ilana—and, not coincidentally, my mother before her. So being my full-blown authentic self with the great teacher that I saw Ilana to be was a huge breakthrough for me. I thought I’d practice RSM for years. But I didn’t. It wasn’t my work.

I was learning we’re our own best experts. I was coming to see that I didn’t need to bring people to my office, lay them on a table and work with them manually in order to touch them deeply. Better perhaps for us to meet on a simple and level playing field.

From Life Coach to Scribe

Enter life coaching, with its few trappings and informal phone conversations. It was my obvious next step. I trained with the Coaches Training Institute, and for a decade I loved listening to clients come alive at the other end of the line. But in the manner of yoga and RSM before it—and like the outgrown skins of the black snakes each spring on our farm—coaching fell away. I’d used it to grow myself as much as I could.

When the time was right (and the skin too tight), talking with clients gave way to work on the book I knew I must write. With a book, I have the chance to encourage far more people than I could through yoga, RSM, or life coaching.

A book seemed like the consummate career choice for a seeker after truth with the gift of gab. It’s better still for one who has been blessed with great teachers and, most of all, the presence in her life of a rare yoga master whose work I’m now burning to share.

Thank you for being a part of this pivotal moment. Thank you for helping me get to do what I was born and am dying to do: inspire us to see, be and fully embrace our whole and holy selves.

There’s no way I can do it without you.

So if you are touched by my story, would you please take the risk of sharing yourself and your dreams, here now, before you go? It’s time for all of us who care and dare to strip down, step up and speak up about who we are and why we’re here. For as I like to say, the world can’t wait for our light!