Awakener and Scribe (not Bookseller!) am I

I’ve been at another crossroads in the life of the newly published author and, for a long moment,  it was a very yucky, sucky place to be. I stood, unsettled and uncertain, somewhere between a too-pregnant Mama’s urge to push like hell—to deliver success—and an opposing urge to give my baby up to God, to Read more...

My first guest blog post drew lovely comments

Years ago I wrote and, with great trepidation, mailed a much-labored-over book proposal to a renowned New York book editor. I had met her quite unexpectedly over the coffee urn at a wedding brunch, where she’d expressed interest in my work. I was sure that what seemed like a wildly serendipitous cup of Joe momentspelled Read more...

Suzanne’s answer to Becky’s burning question.

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I am hugely grateful to Alex, Mary and Carol Chris Hudson for their compassionate comments about Becky’s big question. Becky had asked how she can possibly leave the kind of lucrative job she has but hates while her family depends on her for support. Alex encouraged Becky to involve her family, so she doesn’t turn Read more...

Becky’s burning question

The morning after this website went live, I opened my email to find my first message from the site’s Connect page. It was from a stranger named Becky, and the subject heading said: “My Fear.” Becky was writing to ask for help with a huge, very tough life question faced, in one form or another, Read more...

Giving the universe space, part two

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Note: In my last post, “Giving the universe space, part one,” I described the miracles that can only happen when we get out of the way by letting go of pesky people and/or activities we have outgrown and thus no longer serve us. I gave a dramatic example from my yoga teaching days. Then I Read more...

Giving the universe space, part one

I said I’d write more about how the miracle of letting go of what doesn’t work makes room for the universe to offer us what does. What was I thinking? I have no idea how that happens. I only know that, for me at least, it does happen, every single time. The trick—and it is Read more...

My cat is putting himself “to sleep”

My cat is dying today. In the midst of so much other craziness—in my little world and the great wide one—the death of this dear friend of 17 years is suddenly all that matters. He and his demise have my full attention. I say that, yet I sit inside writing while he lies outside, where Read more...

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