Goodbye Icarus, hello Ikaria!

“The Island Where People Forget to Die.” That’s the title of a NY Times article my brother Sam sent me several weeks ago. I began reading it on my iphone and, though I had to squint like crazy to make out the itty-bitty type, I devoured the whole enchanting story as if my life depended on Read more...

Falling into fall. Ouch!

Oh, the irony! What did I do the day after I decided it was time to start up this blog again? With a post that began “I’ve realized I need to slow down and put aside everything that isn’t in the interest of my peace” no less? I flew headlong down a bunch of steep Read more...

“See you in Sep-teh-em-ber”

I’m badly dating myself with that Tempos song title from 1959. But the old shoe fits. After THE busiest year of my life—and at the insistence of my beloved husband—I’m going to practice what I preach. On the heels of a milestone birthday August 10, I am taking a month off from blog duty for Read more...

Am I awake and making my difference? Maybe.

It’s time to wake up, fall in love with ourselves and make the difference we’re born and dying to make. If my book Bare Naked at the Reality Dance had a subtitle, that would be it. I also often say this: If I can do it, so by God can you. The implication is that Read more...

Seeing the light again, thanks to you

Time flies when we’re having fun, and sometimes when we aren’t. So here goes another post. And hey, after my share of dark days (inside and out), you might be glad to hear that sun and fun are coming around again, and—if I may stay with the clichés—a spot of light beckons from the end Read more...

To give love we’ve got to live love

Self-love above all else. That’s the title of my last post. We cannot give what we do not have, I wrote. To give love—and to receive it, I might add—we’ve got to live love. It’s got to come from who we are and the way we be with ourselves, from deep inside out. All well Read more...

Self-love above all else!

Usually it is the sun that draws me outside. This morning it was the rain. It was the sweetest, most gentle downpour we’ve had all spring. I pulled a patio chair up close under the eaves and sat down to soak it in.   This spring has been rife with hard rain. Violent thunderstorms, destructive Read more...

Love in the face of pain

The world is too much with us, late and soon. I woke up too early this morning, the weight of the world—my own little one and the great big wide one—heavy on my heart. Fifty Syrian children, and their mothers, shot in cold blood, and Assad still firmly at the helm. Word that our gifted Read more...

Onward and downward to surrender and trust!

Oh, dear God! The roller coaster rides on, and this girl hangs on for dear life. Okay, not quite. But there was a moment several weeks ago when, sitting stressed at my desk, I came as close to fainting as I ever have. My book took a significant toll on my body. It scared me Read more...

Guest post: “Want inspiration? Go to bed!”

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Are those old standby new year’s resolutions to eat less and exercise more gone? No need to fret, sweat or lose sleep over a lost resolution or two. The single most important resolution, the Queen of resolutions, is well within your grasp, any night of the week. It’s a far easier habit to form than Read more...

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