Fighting The River is No Way to Live, Suzanne!

“Stop swimming, stop fighting.” These words rang loud and clear in the ears of my beloved teacher, Swami Kripalvanand, as he was swept away by the monsoon-swollen river Yamuna in India more than a half century ago. These same words, which came to him in the voice of his beloved teacher Dadaji, have lately come Read more...

A Confession of Neediness

If I had a prayer, it would be this: “God, spare me from the desire for love, approval, or appreciation. Amen.” In my last blog post, I shared that quote from Byron Katie’s brilliant book, Loving What Is, saying that it needs to be my prayer. I also said “As long as I look to Read more...

Joy From Suffering

Oh, dear God, the things we do to each other—and to ourselves—the ongoing Boko Haram and ISIS massacres being but the terrible tip of the iceberg. I can barely stand it sometimes, and yet I must, if I am to be of service to the very ones among us who destroy each other. I’ve got Read more...

Summer lessons of sticks and stones

Who said words can never hurt you?

Well, they were wrong, at least about me. For almost two months I’ve been balanced on the edge of a sword that showed up laser-like out of nowhere and is only now showing signs of letting me off. Mean words have been part of it, and they hurt. I Read more...

The very best practice of all

We agree learning to love and be happy with ourselves is the single greatest gift we can offer the world, showering happiness on us and everyone we touch. Why then is it the hardest thing? And how on (this troubled) earth can we progress toward giving and receiving the love we crave, for ourselves first Read more...

Please come on my elephant ride!

I am doing my little happy dance and eager to share the good news. I just submitted my first blog post to the wonderful, wildly popular It’s a reader-created open forum bringing together people like us who work & play to create an enlightened society.   Elephant has more than 100,000 likes on Facebook Read more...

Radical self-acceptance—are you ready?

How do we get so friggin’ happy that we can enjoy the gifts of an abundant life, with joy to spare and share? That’s my question. Last post I decided happiness ain’t happening till we’re happy with ourselves. We aren’t talking narcissism or self-indulgence here. We’re talking about learning to accept, nurture and love—really love—our Read more...

Angel’s Facebook Fast

Among the many insightful comments on my last post came one that I’m making the focus this time. It’s from Angel Pricer, a young writer who’d been longing to share herself and her “word soup” with a wider world. I am happy to oblige! HEEEEERE’s Angel:   Thank you, Suzanne, for your invitation to expand Read more...

Ours is a breadcrumb journey

Two different worlds we live in. That’s the 1950s tune my head and heart have been singing to each other in a growing rift that’s been tearing me apart. So I’ve made the hard decision to start letting the heady world go and see where my heart might lead. It’s scaring the shit out of Read more...

Ikaria: Siren call, wakeup call, or what?

Is Ikaria merely my latest sun, tempting the Leo/Icarus I am to fly too close and burn? Ouch! That was the radical conclusion of my friend Ron Blouch after reading I was smitten with a Greek island in my last post. I felt I’d been punched in the stomach or caught with my pants down. Read more...

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